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17.10.2013, Hilton Hotel, Tel Aviv

Israel's most prestigious annual business conference, features leading technology, healthcare and cleantech companies. Serves as the focal point for senior corporate executives, entrepreneurs, financial experts and investors from Israel and abroad.



EY Israel thanks all participants, sponsors and everyone who took part in the 17th Journey conference and made it into such a successful event. 

See you all at the next Journey! 




Each year the Journey deals with the pressing questions of the day in the technology & healthcare industries. We believe that profound discussions among the best speakers and participants may lead to growth, for small and large organizations alike. Today, more than ever, it's important to stay ahead of the idea curve and to learn how to leverage globalization. Join us to develop meaningful business networking and create the necessary connections to turn your company's vision into reality.

Who should attend?

  • Venture capitalists and institutional investors seeking new hot investment opportunities
  • Entrepreneurs and start-up companies seeking connections with local and global investors
  • Consulting, financial services and law firms seeking new clients
  • Opinion leaders seeking promising and forward-looking ideas, interested in the hottest trends in the market.


Conference Co-Chairmen:
Yoram Tietz, Managing Partner, EY Israel
Oren Bar-On, Senior Partner, Strategic Growth Market Leader, EY Israel